Plain Dealer: After 5-year delay, Youngstown rape victim's attacker sentenced to prison

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than 5 1/2 years after reporting that a co-worker viciously attacked her, LaTreese Miller this week saw the man sentenced to a decade in prison.

Miller's rape case had dragged on for so long that in February she asked an Ohio appellate court to  for kidnapping and rape charges that had been pending since 2010.

Akron Beacon Journal: Heated debate in court over personal information of survivor of triple homicide in Barberton

Summit County Assistant Prosecutor Teri Burnside on Thursday said she couldn’t comply with a court order to disclose personal information belonging to the sole survivor of a 2013 New Year’s Eve triple homicide in Barberton.

An attorney representing the survivor filed a motion to delay the court order until an appeal of it can be decided by the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

“I believe this is a very slippery slope, especially with a victim of a very violent crime,” Burnside told the Summit court.

Akron Beacon Journal: Surviving victim in triple-murder incident fights release of personal information, hires own attorney from Justice League

She was stabbed, shot in the face and left for dead.

Now Ronda Blankenship feels she is being victimized again, this time by the judicial system.

Blankenship, the star witness in the 2013 incident that left her with one eye and her boyfriend and his two teenage children dead, has been battling defense attorneys seeking a plethora of personal information from her in the trial of the second of two brothers charged in the triple murder. The defense has requested her medical and psychological records, cellphone, laptop and Facebook and email passwords.

Elizabeth Well arguing case

Justice Journal: February 2016

The February 2016 Justice Journal features articles about Crime Victim Privacy Rights, Our Name Change, Models of Justice Awards, Right to Be Present, and Crime Victims' Rights Trainings. February's guest writer is Victoria Michaels one of our committed volunteers. The Journal also highlights Ruth Rudibaugh for her contributions as a volunteer.

The Justice League assists in protecting rape shield laws

Gagne v. Booker, 2012 WL 1700291 (Sixth Circuit, May 16, 2012)

The Justice League and the National Crime Victims Law Institute participated in this case as co-amici. The lower court granted the defendant's habeas corpus petition, finding that evidence of the victim's previous participation in group sex with the defendant and a thrid party should have been admitted. The lower court held that the inadmissibility of this evidence at the trial level violated the defendant's constitutional right to present a complete defense.

Cathy Harper Lee and Cherish Lewis attend the unveiling of the "GlassBook" Project in Washington D.C.

On Thursday, April 15, 2010, Cathy Harper Lee and Cherish Lewis attended the unveiling of the “GlassBook” Project during the kick-off of National Crime Victims Rights Week sponsored by the Department of Justice, Rutgers University, Justice for Children-DC, and Witness Justice. After a thorough review of the facts, they have chosen Cherish and her little girl’s case as an expose of the failure the criminal justice system and family courts throughout the nation to hold offenders accountable and protect children.