Delaware County

Guest Writer: Delaware County Juvenile Court Victim Services

The Delaware County Juvenile Court Victim Services program provides information and support for victims of juvenile crime in Delaware County, Ohio, and strives to ensure that case-related decisions include greater consideration for the victim. The program is committed to protecting victims by:

  • informing victims of their rights;
  • providing information regarding the Court’s legal process, including hearing dates and times;
  • arranging support for personal and emotional needs of the victim;
  • linking victims with resources within the community;
  • attempting to help recover any financial loss.

A balanced approach ensures that offenders are held accountable to their victims and that victims regain some degree of wholeness after an offense has been committed against them.

The Juvenile Court Victim Services program serves only victims of juvenile crime. It is the only program or agency in Delaware County that assists victims of juvenile offenders. Victim Advocates contact each victim after the Court receives the offense to introduce the program and lets the victim know what it can offer. Victims are informed of the next court date and their right to attend or have the program advocate attend on their behalf.

The Victim Services Program also assists victims in applying for compensation through the Ohio Victim of Crime Compensation Program.

In January of 2016, the Victim Services program initiated a new program to better serve the victims of juvenile crime who have incurred financial loss due to a juvenile’s offense. The Restitution Tracking and Compliance Program is to provides oversight of victim restitution from initial contact with the victim through the final collection process. The goal is to improve compliance of the payment of restitution by juvenile offenders so the victim can obtain financial reimbursement for their loss in a timely manner.

The goal of Delaware County Juvenile Court Victim Services program is to ensure that each victim of juvenile crime in Delaware County understands his or her rights, is provided access to community resources, and is kept informed of the progress of the case from initial contact through the disposition and/or termination of that case.