WBNS 10TV: Domestic Violence Victim Wins Day in Court with Help from OCVJC

MORROW COUNTY, Ohio - A Morrow County woman who spent years fighting the system finally won her day in court.  The alleged victim says her ex-husband he terrorized her and believes the court almost let him get away with it.

William White was arrested last Sunday on a warrant for 10 felony stalking charges.  His ex-wife Danielle Morlan has been waiting to see him locked up for more than three years.

Morlan says today is the day the court stops turning a blind eye to justice.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: After Five Year Delay, Youngstown Rape Victim's Attacker Sentenced to Prison

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than 5 1/2 years after reporting that a co-worker viciously attacked her, LaTreese Miller this week saw the man sentenced to a decade in prison.

Fox 19 Woman Claiming Sexual Assault Subject to Potentially Dangerous Precedent



A local woman who says she's a sexual assault victim is waging a battle much bigger than that in court.

Dani Brewer was working a new job for about a month when she says her employer assaulted her. As the legal process has progressed, she's been ordered to undergo a competency hearing, something that she and her representatives from the Justice League of Ohio believe to be unfair.